Exterior & Interior Shutter Repair

Installing shutters in homes has been a tradition for decades in UK. Currently, shutter installation is one of the most sought services in London running through the domestic (residential) and commercial sectors. Shutter installation is perceived to be part of the architectural requirement to improve the aesthetic appearance of the home and the commercial building

What About Shutter Repair

What About Shutter Repair

Repairing or replacing shutters will involve the consideration of various measures such as safety tips (protection) and style. There are various types of shutters that you can consider to improve the appearance (sophistication) of your house or office. Shutter repair services provided by United Shopfront LTD fall under interior and exterior shutter categories and they include;

  • Lovely Louvered

  • Shaker Style

  • Plantation

  • Board and Batten

  • Cut-Out Shutters

  • Café Style

Repairing & Installing new Shutters

Repairing & Installing new Shutters

Regardless of the type of shutter desired, there are always fascinating results to set a difference. Here are the tips to follow while repairing shutters

  • Unscrew the damaged shutters and eliminate loose louvers from the shutter

  • Remove debris and then loosely set the louvers back in place.

  • Spread polyurethane glue to the mortise-and-tenon joint of shutter frame

  • Put a pipe clamp on the shutter and hold the louvers in place. Tighten the clamp steadily and leave the clamp to dry

  • Drill 2; 3/16-inch-diameter pilot holes into the window casing on each side of the window and hammer in shutter pintles to help the shutters swing

  • Later on, hang the shutter by sliding its hinge leaf over the pintles.

  • Create a shutter dog into the house beneath the shutter to capture the spring latch

Shutter Repairs for Bad Weather

Shutter Repairs for Bad Weather

Though mostly considered for aesthetic purposes, there are cases where shutters are aimed at protecting the house or building from deadly weather conditions such as storms. These are a priority in hurricane regions to offer a protective shield. Automatic roll-down shutters, made from metal or PVC can be installed in this case. These roll down on a set of tracks and can be closed

Similarly, regions characterized by harsh summers must consider high-quality energy-saving shutters to eliminate heat and protect household or office properties from damage.

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