Glass Designs

Add that personal touch to your windows, doors or conservatory with our wide range of decorative glass styles.

Design / Colored lead

Key features:

  • Designed lead work is often used to create traditional stained glass window effect.
  • It looks stunning when the design is run across the a series of glass panes such as on Front elevation Bay windows and Conservatory.
  • Colored glass flowers look beautiful & classic. When outlined with lead work it creates a modern geometric pattern which adds a real touch to the show of your property.
  • Be it any type of colored lead design, colored glass in your door can really add to the character of your home and creates a real appealing entrance.
  • Colored lead design is cost effective option to replace the stained glass and yet attain the same look as your chosen traditional stained glass design.

Etched Glass

Key features:

  • Etched glass is an excellent decorative glass product and it is ideal for traditional door designs and even modern contemporary projects.
  • It’s a classic style of art glass that gives your truly amazing effect without obstructions minimal amount of light through your glass.
  • Bespoke Etched Glass patterns can be created featuring your own family crest or your favourite tree.
  • Decorative glass with Etched designs can be a perfect choice for your bathroom doors, for text & numbers on door glass for panels above the door.

Astragal Georgian Bars

Key features:

  • It’s a combination of duplex bars fitted internally (within the glass unit cavity) and face fix bars fitted on the outside of glass unit in line with duplex bars.
  • Mainly fitted on sash windows in listed buildings to retain the tradition look and match specifications.
  • Available in White color as standard.
  • In other words, Astragal bars are applied to one single piece of glazing but gives the effect of multiple panes of glass.

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