Barking Shutters have the widest possible selection of rolling grill shutters, made with the toughened plastic links and premium grade aluminium rods; these shutters form one of the most effective and durable security shutters. Rolling grill shutters are usually seen bars, counter and cabinets to prevent theft. 

The shutters are lightweight and operated easily. Our manual or electric roller shutter systems maintain a high level of security whilst allowing no visibility within the premises. These robust security solutions are economical and require minimum maintenance, delivering reliability and a long working life. 

Available in a variety of stylish colour and designs, these shutter are easy to operate, they can be motorised but due to the lightness of the material, most individual decide to operate them manually; this provides a simple cost effective solution that is easy to maintain. 

Our rolling grill shutters provide an attractive grille for high security internal commercial outlets. The tight coils and alternative links patterns allows excellent transmission of light and vision from the outside. Brick bond or in-line styles and solid slats can be added to enhance security. The grilles come in standard aluminium finish but can be powder coated to any colour that suits the individual needs.

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